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Friday 18th, November 2005

Patchwork13! is now our project for this year of InfoSPE at EPITA !
We are submitting our Cahier des charges today. You can find it in the doc section.


Friday 23rd, September 2005

If you type patchwork13 in Google and hit   [I'm feeling lucky],  you get our home page.


Wednesday 14th, September 2005

I have successfully compiled pw13 and pw13_std under Win32 with MinGW and MSYS.

The pw13_demo was added to the CVS. It is a small example program aimed to test and demonstrate the capabilities of pw13 and pw13_std.
(pw13_demo pumped the first patch ever !)


Thursday 8th, September 2005

Work on the GTK+ interface has started, thanks to Vivien and Maxime who joined the development team.
We'll definitely be using libglade as it will spare us the time to write a whole lotta more patches.

The core (pw13) is now in debugging phase and it actually pumped patches a few days ago !
These are the first tests on 200kb of sources I wrote without any testing (apart from compiling) so I quite expect some errors...

I hope next year my holidays will look like holidays : I've never worked so much.. I hardly have time for myself and Pw13!.


Friday 10th, June 2005

Sorry, I was very busy for these last 3 weeks and I still am but I'll try to release the alpha anyway...

During this time I've learnt GTK and I think it would really make the interface short and sweet to write.
Anyone interested should check this page, and if you would like some info to start the GUI , or think another library would be nicer, please let me know !


Saturday 7th, May 2005

Good news : pw13 alpha should be ready within a week !
The polymorphic operators won't make it for this release.
I'm working on the STD lib, dynamic loading of patches should be fine with only one patch class per dynamic library file. These have the extension .pw13p
I'm not quite sure about installation paths with automake, if someone could help me it would be great !
(I've stopped dreaming about help, but I'll try anyway =)