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Creating a simple patchwork
Playing with the patchwork
Compiling patchwork13
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creating your own patch

Creating a simple patchwork

we will create a patchork generating a sinusoidal signal and display it.

1) Create a new patchwork

run patchwork13 : "pw13_gtk" under unix , icon under mac and windows

In the main window, click on :

You should now see an empty patchwork :

2) Add a patch:

expand the tree by clicking on the arrow in the main window
drag the patch /std/time/augend and drop it in the patchwork window newly created , The augend patch is essential in any patchwork , it increment the time .
now that you know how to add a patch , add the following patches :
this patch generates the signal
this is where we will see the signal

3) Link the patches

for the moment the patchwork should not work
the only thing we need is to link the patches

1-link "t" on augend to "next time" on Master ,by draging and dropping from the first to the second

2-link "void" on oscilloscope 1 to "'a" on Master

3-link "osc" on osc 1 to "Signal" on oscilloscope 1

4) Run the pachwork

click on play

Here is the result that shoud be displayed on your screen... Enjoy !
(note that we have added a patch 'float 1' to be able to change the frequency of the oscillations)

Playing with the patchwork

we will use the preceding patchwork to play

1) Time

most of the time you will create a system evoluating in the time, in patchwork the time evolution is controled by "augend" (/std/time/augend). each time the job is finished, the time is incremented with "dt", and the the job is restarted, in fact this is not real time. you can modify "dt" by linking the output of a patch giving a float number (yes ,type is sensitive)

-drop the patch /gtk/const/float in the patchwork
-click on Fader in the patch "float 1" this way you can see the exact value you give
-link "k" on float 1 to "dt" on augend 1
-now test and modify the value of dt to see the effect
as you can see ,the signal generated by osc 1 changes, osc patchs use the time variable to generate the output, in fact all the patchs contain the time variable and give it to their neighbor ,it explains why we need to connect all the patchs. When we connected "void" on oscilloscope 1 to "'a" on Master , it is only to maintain this chain, this way augend gives the time to Master, it passes it to oscilloscope 1 that pass it to osc 1.

Compiling Patchwork13

1) Download

once downloaded , decompress the file
# tar xzfv patchwork13.tar.gz

2) Compile

# cd patchork13
# make

3) Install

# make install

4) Troubles

there is different possibilities :
- the preffix is wrong
- you need certain packages
if the preffix is wrong :
#make clean
# rm prefix-install
# make
give the appropriate preffix